PROMATE Junior Snorkeling Set Review

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The PROMATE Junior Snorkeling and Scuba Set is a good option for any youngster who is interested in the hobby of snorkeling. It provides many user-friendly features such as adjustable straps and has up-to-date safety features as well. The overall design has been reported by most consumers to be very comfortable, with features such as foot pockets in the fins.

Overall it is a terrific set, but like any product there will be some personal preference issues. Some pros and cons are listed below:


This snorkeling set is patterned in an ergonomic shape for easy fitting of both children or smaller adults. Featuring a comfortable dry heel design, this suit also can direct bubbles away from the face because of the patented mask design. The single lens design of the mask offers a decent amount of underwater visibility, and the snorkel keeper will help keep the strap for the mask in place as well. The silicon-crafted purge valve will also easily drain any excess water after use.


There are some disadvantages of this snorkeling set. People have reported some sizing issues in the S/M version of the set, and the mask adjuster has a tendency to get released too soon when squeezed. A few users have reported breaking issues in the feet adjusters. Some have said to avoid the pink version.


The durability, the underwater visibility, and the appropriate sizing make this a product with benefits that outweigh the drawbacks. This snorkeling set will provide hours of enjoyment at a cost effective purchase price.

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