PROMATE Adult Snorkeling Set Review

PROMATE Adult Snorkeling Set ReviewClick here for prices, photos and more reviews

This is one of the most popular snorkeling gear sets on the web! The package comes complete with all of the necessary components for a great snorkeling expedition.

The fins are exceptionally durable and lightweight and have a jet vented design in order to reduce drag. They are larger than most fins in production, which makes them ideal for those who prefer to hustle in the water. They are comfortably worn with or without booty socks and have an open heel design with easily adjustable straps for different levels of tightness.

The tempered glass mask in this set is frameless and comes equipped with a single, large lens that increases peripheral vision. The silicon head-strap is durable and has a quick release swivel buckel that makes it very adjustable and capable of fitting a variety of face shapes (note: this mask is large and probably won’ fit those with smaller heads). The set also comes with a great anti-fog solution (no need to spit-shine!)

The snorkel is the real gem of this set, equipped with a pre-curved silicone mouthpiece that helps to reduce jaw fatigue. It also has a cool little appendage on the top that prevents water from trickling in without limiting air access.

The backpack comes with either a single or double strap and is specifically designed to hold the mask, fins and snorkel. It also has a water bottle pouch and other exterior pockets for holding additional gear. A large zipper opening at the top allows for easy access.

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