The Best Kids Snorkel Set

Best Kids Snorkel Set

Hello Kids Snorkel Set Shopper!

Each kids snorkel set we review is a fine entry level gear package for the young adventure seeker! If you’re planning a tropical getaway in the near future, or if you simply would like to introduce your child to the joy of snorkeling or diving, these personal snorkel sets ranging from $13 to $69 are the best way to pique their interest. We review only the best bands online including Speedo, U.S. Divers, Promate, and Aqualung.

Perfect not only for snorkeling in open waters but for recreational swimming as well, these snorkel sets for kids are the smart alternative to renting from high-priced resorts and clubs; paying for themselves within a couple uses.

The PROMATE Junior Snorkel/Scuba Set

Kids Snorkel Set, Kids Snorkeling Gear for Kids, The PROMATE Junior Snorkel/Scuba SetClick here for prices, photos and reviews

This is one of the most popular snorkeling sets for kids on the web. Based on most customer reviews, the gear is durable and easy to use. The mask is easy to adjust, fits smaller faces and will not leak. The fins are adjustable to fit growing foot sizes. The whole set comes in a big mesh bag to keep everything organized. All in the all, the set is not one of the cheap, plastic imitations you might find at a thrift store but is more like a smaller, well-manufactured adult set. A great value.

U.S. Divers Youth Coral Snorkeling Set

Kids Snorkel Set, Kids Snorkeling Gear for Kids, U.S. Divers Youth Coral Snorkeling SetClick here for prices, photos and reviews

Another great set that is made in the smaller scope of precision adult snorkel gear. The mask is well tailored to fit the faces of children and according to the majority of trials seals out the water completely. The fins are well designed and are comfortable and help kids to steer through currents when snorkeling or playing in the ocean. They are also adjustable and come with a nice large bag for storage along with the mask and snorkel. Overall, the set is of great quality and has a very edgy look to it.

The Pirate Deluxe Kid’s Snorkeling Set

Kids Snorkel Set, Kids Snorkeling Gear for Kids, The Pirate Deluxe Kid's Snorkeling SetClick here for prices, photos and reviews

Noted for it’s durability and comfort, the Pirate Deluxe for kids is sized for beginners and growing youth of all ages. The fins come with soft gel consoles for extra comfort and are adjustable, so you can be sure this set will last your son or daughter for at least a few years. The hypoallergenic mask is dual lensed for enhanced viewing and the dry top snorkel helps prevent excess water from leaking in. All of the items fit conveniently into the carrier bag. In short, it’s another high-quality and well-manufactured set. Best of all, it’s affordable!



Other leading brands discussed on this site are:

Speedo Kid’s Aqua Quest Set – #1 swim brand in the world. This set comes with everything you need including a mask, snorkel, and fin set. An excellent value when considering the brand name with prices from $13.

The Speedo Junior Recreation Mask Set comes with a 100 percent silicone skirt for a more comfortable snorkel experience. It is also made of polycarbonate lens which comes with an anti-fog coating, making it easier to see under water. This set is perfect for children in between the toddler snorkel set and other bigger size youth sets.

The U.S. Divers Junior Set is designed for kids ages 6+ and comes with Pro-Glide buckles to easily adjust for most sized faces. Like most U.S. Diver sets, the snorkel is the real gem of the set with Splash Guard designed to prevent water from coming into the tube while snorkeling. The fins are smaller replicas of their most popular adult sized brands and deliver strong and efficient mobility in the water. Also includes a snazzy travel bag to help with the shipping.

The Promate Junior Set is a higher end, higher quality set for the adventurous child who wants to accompany the adults on the long snorkel excursions. The Snorkel fins have a quick and easy heel strap and fasten buckle for quick and go release while the mask is made of tempered glass for safety. The patented design of the Promate snorkel is 100 percent submersible and promises to be dry during dives with a one direction valve for purging – a perfect complement to the well respected and reviewed Promate adult sets.

Aqualung Kids Jr Set by U.S. Divers complete with carrying case is another higher end, higher quality set for the serious aquatic athlete. With the unique to brand Hinge Flex Fins with energy return system, the swimmer is able to maximize power for speedy maneuverability in the water. The Coral Mask has an easy to use pinch and pull system for a comfortable and custom fit while the Island Dry Snorkel keeps the water out while submerged. A smaller version of the adult U.S. Divers Aqualung set. Highly durable and ideal for long vacations.

When heading out on a cruise or resort vacation, make room in your suitcases for your personal snorkel sets – no need to ever rent again from the high priced booths. These brands are meant to last for years, or as long as your child can fit into them.

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