Aqua Lung Snorkel Set Review

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Aqua Lung Snorkel Set ReviewThe Aqua Lung Admiral Mask/Dry Snorkel Set contains everything required to participate in a variety of water sport activities.

Produced by the premier diving company Aqua Lung, the kit includes the Admiral LX Mask, Island Dry LX Snorkel and Trek Fin; providing all the gear needed to enjoy everything from body surfing and snorkeling to body boarding and swimming.

The LX mask comes complete with a hypoallergenic silicon face skirt and adjustable strap for a secure and comfortable fit each time it is worn. Its two window design ensures an expanded view, allowing for increased top-to-bottom visibility.

The Island Dry LX is a 100% submersible snorkel built with Pivot Dry Technology. It contains a submersible dry-top and full-flex section with built in purge valve. Its hypoallergenic mouth piece and ergonomically designed shape ensure both comfort and proper positioning, making it easy and convenient to use.

The Trek Fin is created with a dual-composite vented fin blade for superior power and styling. Its foot pocket and adjustable strap make it comfortable to wear for extended periods of time while its more compact length means it is perfect to use as a travel fin or for any other water sport.

With a sturdy and convenient carrying and storage bag, the Aqua Lung Admiral Mask Fin Dry Snorkel Set is the perfect package for any day of water sports.

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