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The PROMATE Adult Set

One of the most popular snorkeling gear sets on the web! The package comes complete with all of the necessary components for an unforgettable aquatic expedition.

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The U.S. Divers Adult Set

This pack is an excellent investment for any snorkeler.  An adjustable mask, snorkel, fins and a bag are all enclosed in this nice, convenient, and reasonably priced bundle.

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The Cressi Adult Set

This is certainly one of the more luxurious sets on the market. It comes equipped with cutting-edge frog plug fins, a two window silicone mask and a 100% dry snorkel.

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The Aqua Lung Adult Set 

This is a great set that is assembled for comfort and maneuverability. It comes equipped with a hypoallergenic silicone mask, an ergonomic snorkel and trek fins that enhance speed and style.

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The PROMATE Junior Set

This set is perfect for juniors. It has all of the functioning gear of an well-constructed adult package and is available in a range of sizes for both toddlers and teenagers.

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Welcome to The Snorkeling Gear Shop, the #1 website for snorkeling equipment and information. As aquatic enthusiasts, it is our mission to deliver quality articles and reviews about some of the most popular and high quality aquatic sports supplies available for purchase on the web. As a note, all of the products we feature and discuss on this website are manufactured by third party corporations, and we do receive affiliate commissions for all third party sales that occur through our website/affiliate links. 

SNORKELING GEAR SHOPIf this is your first visit to our website, then perhaps you are a little unsure about how to proceed and find the product or information that you are seeking. So to begin, first take a look up towards the top left section of this page. You will see a vertical column labeled “categories”, which contains links to articles and reviews of various types of aquatic gear. Also, if you are like the majority of our customers and are seeking a complete snorkeling set for an upcoming trip, then we recommend you explore some of the snorkeling gear packages that are discussed above this passage. Just click on any link or photo, and you will be immediately redirected to a page that has more exclusive information about that particular product.

Looking for the best snorkeling sets for the money? After surveying the categories section, you will have noticed that there is a rather diverse amount of snorkeling supplies available for enhancing your aquatic adventures. These include but are not limited to: snorkels, masks, fins, diving knives, diving watches, underwater cameras, sun tan lotions, spear guns, anti-fog solutions, books, bathing suits, wet suits, gear bags and eclectic gear sets. Let’s take a moment to examine each of these products individually.

SNORKELING GEAR SHOPThe first necessary piece of equipment for a snorkeling activity is of course, the snorkel. There are several different types of snorkels available on the market and each one comes with both advantages and disadvantages. There are J’s, flexibles, dry, semi-dry and purge models. If you would like to view some of the best and most positively rated snorkels then click here.

The second piece of equipment that you will likely need is the mask. Masks are a more particular item because they have to account for variations in head size as well as different qualities of vision. The best type of mask (in our opinion) is a frameless mask because it is far more flexible, durable and comfortable then their more rigid counterparts. You can click here to view some great frameless masks as well as some other styles.